The New Bitmain Ant Miner E9: Pre-Order Now and Get a Head Start on the Competition

The Ant Miner E9. What’s the fastest, most powerful Bitcoin miner on the market today? It’s not the Antminer S9 or S7, or even the R4. The new champion of Bitcoin mining is none other than the Antminer E9. With up to 14 Tera hashes per second and a power draw of 1,500 watts, this isn’t your older brother’s Bitcoin miner. Pre-order now, while supplies last’T

Why you should get an early pre-order

The early bird catches the worm. The same is true for mining hardware. In order to get your hands on cutting-edge cryptocurrency mining hardware, you need to pre-order it before everyone else has their chance at getting a piece of it. While there is no guarantee you will receive your miners first, it does help that we’re giving away two first batch units as prizes to our loyal followers on our Twitter! It really doesn’t hurt to try… You can always sell your pre-order spot or cancel if you don’t think these miners are going to make money or if they get too hot in operation (hopefully not!).

Sign up to be notified when they ship

If you’re really interested in purchasing one of these new ASIC miners, be sure to sign up to receive email notifications as soon as they begin shipping. (That link is an affiliate link; if you use it, we make a small commission—but that doesn’t affect your purchase price.) While you can expect to pay around $28,000 per unit upon launch, those who pre-order will get a head start and pay just $18,000 per unit. This is because Chinese suppliers usually charge more for any product once large quantities have been pre-ordered. By signing up ahead of time, you ensure you’ll get one at that cheaper price.

How much will it cost?

The new unit, which is expected to be available for pre-order later today, is priced at $18,000—the same as its predecessor. The first batch of units will cost that amount, but future batches are expected to increase in price. For example, $18,000 in July may cost closer to $29,000 by December or so. If you’re willing to wait it out (and deal with hiccups from new technology), you could see a significant return on your investment if Bitcoin remains profitable during that time period. However, if Bitcoin mining becomes less profitable than originally anticipated during those months—or if technology issues delay mining returns—your original investment could be lost due to no fault of your own.

Is Bitmain E9 the best ASIC Crypto miner on the market?

With the 3 GH/s hash rate, Bitmain E9 is the most powerful ASIC crypto miner you can get on the market today. At the moment, the second-best miner on the market has a rate of just 2.6 GH/s. That makes the E9 more than 15% faster in mining performance.

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